Political Issues in Alexandria, Virginia: A Comprehensive Guide

The City of Alexandria, Virginia is a vibrant and diverse community with a strong liberal political climate. Led by the mayor and city council, who are elected, the city is committed to citizen participation and maintaining a safe and high-quality of life. This article provides an overview of the current political issues in Alexandria, Virginia, including law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations, courts and judicial system, infrastructure maintenance, social services, election information, and taxes.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Public Safety Organizations

The City of Alexandria is dedicated to providing a secure environment for its citizens.

To this end, the city has established several law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations. These include the Alexandria Police Department, which is responsible for enforcing laws and protecting citizens; the Alexandria Fire Department, which provides fire protection services; and the Alexandria Sheriff's Office, which is responsible for court security and prisoner transport.

Courts and Judicial System

The City of Alexandria also has a well-developed court system. This includes the General District Court of Alexandria, which is part of the 18th Judicial District of Virginia.

The court handles civil cases such as landlord-tenant disputes, small claims cases, traffic violations, and more. Additionally, the city is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia court system, which includes the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Infrastructure Maintenance

The City of Alexandria is responsible for maintaining its streets, sidewalks, bridges, and other infrastructure. To this end, the city has established several agencies and programs to ensure that these structures are kept in good condition.

These include the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES), which is responsible for maintaining roads and sidewalks; the Department of Public Works (DPW), which is responsible for maintaining bridges; and the Department of Utilities (DU), which is responsible for providing water and sewer services.

Citizen Participation

The City of Alexandria has a strong commitment to citizen participation. To this end, it has established several citizen boards and commissions that advise the City Council on all major issues affecting the city. These boards include the Planning Commission, which advises on land use issues; the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), which hears appeals on zoning decisions; and the Board of Architectural Review (BAR), which reviews proposed construction projects.

Social ServicesThe City of Alexandria also provides a variety of social services to its citizens. These include programs that help maintain public safety and overall quality of life such as pet and animal services; schools and libraries; farm parks and markets; community gardens; and more. Additionally, the city provides access to social security benefits through its Social Security Administration office.

Election Information

Alexandria is located in Virginia's 8th congressional district for the United States Congress.

The city also provides information on voter registration, absentee voting, election results, and more through its election website. Additionally, citizens can donate or volunteer their time to organizations such as Friends of the Library Foundation Alexandria Library Foundation.


The City of Alexandria also collects taxes from its citizens to fund its various services. This includes real estate taxes; personal property taxes; municipal stickers; income taxes; sales taxes; use taxes; and more.

Information on these taxes can be found on the city's tax guide website.

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