How Alexandria, Virginia's Public Safety Has Evolved Over the Last Decade

It could come from selfless acts. It could translate into an economic reward. In the case of the Virginia Capitol Police, the past century was evident by the incredible years of service accumulated by four officers. Police said the changes “will prioritize the workload to better serve the Alexandria community”.The Alexandria Police Department has a long and storied history, with 150 years of service as one of the oldest police departments in Virginia.

Charles Porterfield, of the Virginia State Garrison Regiment, was one of the first to serve in this capacity. The Public Guard, a predecessor of the Virginia Capitol Police, played no official role in the Confederate Army during the Civil War years, but remained in service to the Commonwealth of Virginia under the command of governors. The Bell Tower currently houses the Virginia Capitol Square Preservation Council and the Virginia Capitol Foundation. The Public Guard, a forerunner of the Virginia Capitol Police that was established in 1801, was originally housed in a wooden barracks on the southwest corner of Capitol Square before being moved in 1822 to the Virginia State Armory, at the south end of Fifth Street, near the James River. In recent years, Alexandria has seen a remarkable transformation in its public safety landscape. The city has implemented a number of initiatives to improve safety and security for its citizens.

These include increased police presence on city streets, improved emergency response times, and enhanced community engagement efforts. Additionally, Alexandria has invested heavily in technology to help law enforcement better serve its citizens. This includes body-worn cameras for officers and real-time crime mapping tools that allow police to quickly respond to incidents. The city has also taken steps to improve public safety through education and awareness campaigns. These include initiatives such as “Know Your Rights” workshops and “Be Safe” programs that provide citizens with information on how to stay safe in their neighborhoods. Overall, Alexandria has seen a significant improvement in public safety over the past decade.

The city has invested heavily in its police force and implemented a number of initiatives to ensure that its citizens are safe and secure. With continued investment and commitment from city officials, Alexandria can continue to be a safe and secure place for its citizens.

Bret Hokula
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