The Rapid Population Growth of Alexandria, Virginia in the Last Decade

Virginia has seen a remarkable population growth over the past decade, with an increase of 7.9%. This growth was mainly concentrated in the northern part of the state, while 62 of the 133 localities, mainly in Southwest and Southern Virginia, experienced a decrease in population. Alexandria is one of the cities that has seen a population surge in recent years. The city is home to two universities - Virginia Commonwealth University and George Washington University - and is served by Amtrak intercity services and the Virginia Railway Express regional rail service.

In 1785, the Virginia and Maryland commissioners met in Alexandria to discuss commercial relations between the two states. The city's Union Station, a historic train station, has been a major factor in Alexandria's growth. After a referendum, voters asked Congress and Virginia to return to Virginia the part of the District of Columbia located south of the Potomac River (Alexandria County). This has helped make Alexandria one of the fastest growing towns in Virginia.

The race most likely to live in poverty in Alexandria City, Virginia, is Native American, with 33.22% below the poverty level. On the other hand, the race least likely to fall into poverty is White, with 4.43% below the poverty level. The modern city of Alexandria has been influenced by its proximity to Washington D. C., as well as by its history of development and redevelopment projects such as Potomac Yard.

This has helped make Alexandria one of the most vibrant cities in Virginia.

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